Who We Are

Who We Are

Program History

Shepherd’s Care Ministries (SCM) began as a Christian ministry in 2003 with the vision of helping single mothers with one or more dependent children find their way to independent living. At that time, the ministry was called the “Beadle Program” in honor of Jake Beadle, a tireless volunteer who helped set up and equip the residential facilities at its beginning. The term Shepherd’s Care Ministries was born when our Christian ministry became a 501(c)3 not-for-profit public corporation in 2011. While Shepherd’s Care Ministries is our official name, it is not uncommon for longtime volunteers and supporters to refer to our ministry as the “Beadle Program.”

Board of Directors

Individual Board members are united in their Christian beliefs and in their passion for this ministry and its continuing success in helping single mothers and their children grow spiritually, gain economic independence, and succeed in life after graduation from the Program.

Board members are listed alphabetically below:

  • Kim Campbell

  • Lyle Gibbens

  • Kevin Gilmore

  • Claire Hendrix

  • Terry Hinton

  • Larry Hodel

  • Leah Major
  • Mary Ann Pitnick

  • Lisa Wedel

Our Team

Resident Director, Tammi Miller
We are very pleased to have Tammi Miller as our very well qualified Resident Director since 2014. As a single mother herself, Tammi has experienced many of the same challenges as program participants. In fact, Tammi was an earlier participant in the program. In her role as program director, Tammi oversees the budget coaches and personal mentors, co-hosts the weekly Bible study and builds a personal relationship with each woman in the program.

Tammi has a heart for, and an intimate knowledge of, the challenges of participating in Christian ministry while trying to be a godly mother, maintaining a full-time job, directing and overseeing the Program. She is very active in her local church and is currently pursuing a masters degree in counseling.